If you doubt whether there is any such thing as Magic, and if you desire any practical illustration about it, open your eyes and look around you. See the world, the animals, and the trees, and ask yourself whether they could have come into existence by any other power than by the magic power of nature. Magical power is not a supernatural power, if by the term " supernatural" you mean a power which is outside, beyond, or external to nature. To suppose the existence of such a power is an absurdity and a superstition, opposed to all our experience; for we see that all organisms, vegetable and animal ones, grow by the action of internal forces acting outwardly, and not by hav- ing something added to their substance from the outside. A seed does not become a tree, nor a child a man, by having substance added to its organism by some outside workman, or like a house which is built by putting stones on the top of each other; but living things grow by the action of an internal force, acting from a centre within the form. But what else can such a power be, except spiritual it is supernatural, although acting in nature; for nature is neither Spirit nor God, but a product of the Divine Spirit, an image formed in the universal Mind by 'the power of the Divine Will. God is All ; but All is not God, and the magical powers of Justice, Wisdom and Love, etc., are not products of nature, but attributes of the spirit.


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Magic, White and Black - Franz Hartmann