Magic Plants by M.J.H. Heucher, an essay on the magickal applications of various plants. Magic Plants"" is an interesting historical look (written in 1700 no less) at past ages and the usage of herbs within a spiritual context. With references to astrology, the Aeslepion, and other concepts, it is dense and detailed with references to many antiquated medical and philosophical minds.It combines this with a short witch trial manuscript involving two herbal references, apparently to display the torment which plagued the better medical minds of past ages." The following pages is one of those strange compositions written in the 17th century, credulity which swept across the civilised world, rose to high-water mark, assisted as it was by the efforts of that wise fool of a King, James the First of England and Sixth of Scotland. I have given, as an Appendix, a translation from the Official records of the Royal Court of Guernsey, of the trial of three women for witchcraft in 1617. This translation is taken from Mr. J. L. Pitt's Witchcraft and Devil-Lore in the Channel Islands.


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Magic Plants - M J H Heucher