The Oraculum is gifted with every requisite variety of responses to the following questions:
1. Shall I obtain my wish?
2. Shall I have succcess in my undertakings?
3. Shall I gain or lose in my cause?
4. Shall I have to live in foreign parts?
6. Will the stranger return?
6. Shall I recover my property?
7. Will my friend be true?

8. Shall I have to travel?
9. Does the person love and regard me?
10. Will the marriage be prosperous?
11. What sort of a wife, or husband, shall I have?
12. Will she have a son or daughter?
13. Will the patient recover?
14. Will the prisoner be released?
15. Shall I be lucky or unlucky?
16. What does my dream signify?


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Madame Zadkiel's Fortune Teller and Mirror Of Fate - J Haney 1884