The materials which I collected at Salonica and Cavalla were mostly gleaned from the peasants, who resort to those centres from the environs for commercial or religious purposes, and only in very few cases from native citizens. The Khans, or inns, in which these villagers stop, may be said to constitute the sole parts of the cities worth exploring, and the exploration is neither an easy nor a pleasant task. My real harvest was gathered in the thoroughly provincial towns of Serres and Melenik, the townships of Demir Hissar and Nigrita, and the villages adjacent thereto ; as well
as in places of lesser note, such as Vassilika and Sochos in the Chalcidic Trident, the settlements in its three prongs, Provistain the valley of the Struma, Pravi in the neighbourhood of Philippi, and some of the country around, and to the south of, Drama.


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