Set is called a mighty warrior who had his kingdom in the North, specifically in the Northern Sky where he dwelled in a star of the constellation of Khepesh or the “thigh”. As Typhon has long been associated with Set the common traits of his nature are clear. Consider the nature of “Typho” as the greeks called him, his nature was of the beast and he corrupted the natural order, the course of nature. Set was of this nature as well, an Anti-Nature in that hisspirit was against the natural laws and went forth upon its own course. In the Luciferian Path, the common element of practice is to forge with your own identification of mythology, your own path against others. That is, by antinomian practice from a spiritual foundation, the Adept becomes “like” Set or Ahriman, not in any Western “evil” definition, rather in the spiritual sense. The material associated with Set-Typhon is iron, called often “the bone of Typho”. It was by this strength in which Set held dominion over all at some point in time, his forms many and his will and hunger to exist was greater than the efforts of his enemies to destroy him. Set is called the personification of the dark waters and the desert, his two-fold essence of being is central to his role as the tester and sorcerous initiator.


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Luciferian Sorcery and Set Typhon