It is significant to explain the definitions within the context of this book, to not only in some manner set the foundation but also the suggestion of a successful application of this grimoire. This book is not meant for the individual to develop profane behavior, antisocial actions nor abhorrent philosophy which may be defined as not-healthy for the self. The essence of this book is exploring the Luciferian foundations of human evolution, the next step in our spiritual and philosophical ideologies. Any negative behavior or criminal actions (as defined by current society) is considered a deterrent from our individual evolution, thus is not acceptable. Magick is the Highest Art of conscious elevation; it is the specific ascension of the self and an opening forth of Higher Articulation of Self. Magick is the Arte of the Sun, which is fertile and beautiful, the very foundation built in Gold brilliance. Magick is the evolution of the Spirit and the Self, the very path of mediation between us and our Gods. It is ultimately however the separation from us from all Gods and the Emerald Crown of which we adopt – we Become as Gods and Goddesses individual and beautiful in many ways.


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Luciferian Goetia