A play with Lucifer and Hermes speaking back and forth. Eloquent, deep and soothing-

Lucifer: Who prays you, with the winds too long at strife. For shelter from this night and stinging thong Of sleet. Oh, answer me, if any banished soul Haunts you, and guards from harm the frozen pole. May l Not a banished soul. What seems forlorn, ermes, to thee, another loveth best. In this crag, the throne of scorn. Hath a bolder spirit rest.

Hermes: Thou who callest me by name. Large spectre plumed for the eagle's flight, Let me be thy guest this night If kindness move thy breast, or any flame Leap on thy hearth, that henceforth, ever bright. On this hoarse and angry coast. May gleam the beacon of its sacred light Where a god, by fortune hurled. Found an altar and a host High on the utmost headland of the world.


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Lucifer A Theological Tragedy - George Satayana 1899