FOR MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS, I HAVE PRACTICED LUCID DREAMING, the ability to become consciously aware of dreaming while in the dream state. During this time, I have had approximately 1,000 lucid dreams, most logged away in dozens of dream journals and computer files. Like many, I initially considered lucid or conscious dreaming as a fascinating playground for the mind. I could fly over treetops, push through walls, make objects appear, even walk on water (dream water, that is) - all while conscious in the dream state. As the years passed, however, certain pivotal lucid dreams opened my mind to the possibility that lucid dreaming offered a gateway to so much more. In part one of this book, you will read about my journey into lucid dreaming, beginning with simple experiments such as asking a dream figure to explain the dream symbolism or tell me what it represents. The results contain both expected and unexpected elements. While the expected certainly seemed understandable, I found the unexpected responses troubling. If the lucid dream was a product of my mind, then how did a completely unexpected and shocking response arise from within my own mind? Probing deeper into this mystery, I and others began to lucidly challenge the boundaries of dreaming as we sought out the unexpected, the unknown, the abstract. Increasingly, we let go of manipulating the dream and directing the dream events as opening up to the subconscious, surprisingly a new answer emerged.


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