Have you ever had a flying dream where you ecstatically soared through the air over breathtaking views as the wind raced warmly against your face? Have you ever dreamed you were swimming with friends on a beautiful tropical island? Imagine your favorite dream. Did you enjoy the experience any less because it was a dream? Even though it was a dream, the experience itself was still amazingly fulfilling. Now, imagine if you had known that you were dreaming while you were dreaming. Imagine the thrill of being totally aware and fully conscious while dreaming and capable of experiencing anything that your heart desires. The ability to maintain full awareness while dreaming is most commonly referred to as lucid dreaming, and this manual will provide you with all the tools that you will need to develop this natural ability. Before delving into the topic it would be a great idea to contemplate all the benefits and possibilities that lucid dreaming has to offer.


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Lucid Dreaming Manual