As life is full of new and exciting experiences, so are dreams. Dreams in general are defined as images, sensations and thoughts that occur while one sleeps. Everyone dreams, but most of the time we are unable to recall what happened. The Key to lucid dreaming is defined with the use of two main types of lucid dreams. The first is Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD) and the second is Dream Induced Lucid Dreaming (DILD). WILD is handing over your awareness from a physically woken state directly to a sleeping lucid dream state. Where as DILD dreams happen more frequently than WILDs. A study of 76 lucid dreamers showed only one-quarter of them were wake initiated. The man who’d completed the study, Dr. Stephen LaBerge, believed even those numbers were skewed. It ’s his belief that WILDs occur more frequently in a lab setting than they do at home. As we go through life we would spend several waking hours questioning dreams, why we have them and how can we control them? What is lucid dreaming? How do you remember a dream? How do you know that you are dreaming? How can you control your dreams with lucidity? Theses may be questions you are asking yourself… well there is a simple answer to all of these questions. Read on into the depths of this book and not only will you find yourself learning in great detail about lucid dreaming but you will learn techniques to control your dreams.


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