The first question you may have about this book is: Why another one on magical correspondences? After all, there are already a number o f such books, plus many others that contain lists and tables, so why this one? First of all, I wanted to correlate as much information as possible and present it in a way that is well organized, straight forward, and easy to use. Second, my aim is to move away from the idea of rote tables and into the concept of a web where the correspondences we use are not only associated with an intention but also with each other. I will go into detail about these later in this introduction. Personally, I am fascinated with correspondences because they are fundamental to how I view the world. There are connections everywhere; nothing exists in isolation, and everything is asso ciated with something else. When I was in school I loved courses in world history because they illustrated how civilizations (and all they entail) held obvious, as well as obscure, connections with each other like threads in a tapestry.


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Llewellyns Complete Book of Correspondences - Sandra Kynes