The said pious philosophers of old adopted, as symbols of the said two attributes of the Creator, the acorn and the cup of oak, hence we discover that in the earliest epochs of recorded time, mankind assembled in oak groves for the purpose of tendering humble worship to the Almighty. By the acorn
the worshippers symbolized the masculine attribute, and by the cup the feminine attribute, of the Creator's dual forces as manifested in the operations of the Sun and Nature. Both attributes themselves were invisible, and most mysterious and sacred, and all the worshippers could do was to employ, to indicate the two principles, the instruments used by them to carry on their Divine operations. In the earliest ages of the world, so far as we are acquainted with their history, the acorn was used to symbolize the expression of the Creator's fatherhood, and the cup the motherhood of Ced, otherwise Atiian, that is to say, the expression of the Anima of Nature's Mother. To the Creator himself the Druids gave the name Celi (Concealing), and to His Consort the name Cecl (Aid). Very early in the history of mankind, a certainkind of idolatry of an obscene character, indeed, to our mode of thinking, revolting nature, named Phallic worship, identical with what is called Linga and Yoni worship, arose among the nations from the above mode ofregarding the operations of the Creator's creating attributes,the said attributes being regarded as emanations of Omnipotence as active and passive from himself, and therefore the Creator and Ced, his consort, father and mother of the Sun and Nature, were a spiritual hermaphrodite.


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