Zoroaster has been known in the world. Yet, during the middle ages Europe was under such a cloud that his name and his precepts faded, almost, from the memory of man. It was known that Persia, until the battle of Marathon (490 B. C.) was master of Western Asia, and the doctrines of Zoroaster were dominant in her realm. But Persia, even as late as three hundred years ago, was, to Europe, almost a sealed book. With the revival of learning, however, inquiry began to be made into her ancient doctrines and their author. Early Greek and Roman writers had made frequent mention of Zoroaster's name, and this stimulated later scholars to know more of him. Travelers in the far East were not then as numerous as to-day; but they kept bringing back word concerning the Persian Holy Book.


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Life & Teachings of Zoroaster, the Great Persian - L H Whitney 1905