Nothing much happened to me, except that I was granted Light on certain Mystery in the Letters A.A., until December 16th 1917 E.V. (18 months later). Then on Dec. 21st I realized that the Initiation was again going on with great force, but this time the character was very different, and seemed to have to do with the Mystery of the Elements, Planets, and Paths, whereas the former one dealt with the Sephiroth more particularly. I must remark that this Initiation had an actual effect on the Elements, causing storms etc., and that these had to be balanced and equilibrated, which was done. All the time this was going on. the one sentence which continually recurred, was "The Air is His Balance." This seemed to be the Key note which saved me from destruction many times. Later, it appeared that I united the Paths of Aleph and Shin, Aethyr and Fire, as a final Equilibration, and the Tree was completely changed again, so that it had to be re-formulated, and eventually resolved into a Single Sphere. Later, came the drawing of all to a Single Point of Light (Hadith) in the Center of Breast. And I was taken back to the Beginning of Things and discovered how in Truth there was No Beginning and No End. In particular I must mention how I was taken back to the beginning of Words, and I Parzival (the Fool or Zero) was the WORD and even that was disintegrated so that the final Mystery Was AL = GOD and then that too disappeared in LA.


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Liber Thirty One - Frater Achad