The theme of the story is the love of a poet and poetess. After an engagement to marry him she takes the veil. It cannot be said to be clear at what point this occurs. If early, her act makes the plot a conflict between love and religion. The lovers then seek the direction of St. Cummine, perhaps without revealing Liadain's act of religion. He first imposes a. light probation upon them, then, challenged by Liadain, allows them a perilous freedom. In the result he banishes Cuirithir who thenceforward renounces love and becomes a pilgrim. When she still seeks him he crosses the sea. Liadain returns to the scene of their penance and his prayers, and shortly dies. When all is over, Cummine lovingly lays the stone where she had mourned her love, and upon which she died, over the grave of the unhappy maiden.


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Liadain - Curithir, an Irish Love-Story of the Ninth Century - K Meyer 1902