In 1906 Dr. Boyd formed the Society of the Healing Christ and later became involved in the Emmanuel Healing Movement, holding his own Wednesday evening study class in the Ascension Church, Vallejo, California from 1908. The Emmanuel Healing Movement was the subject of Dr. Boyd's first book The How and Why of the Emmanuel Movement, published in 1909. In his book , Dr. Boyd showed the art of healing had been practiced from earliest times, from the witch doctor of old driving out the devil, to the modern therapist. “Between these extremes of development are all the pathies, shrine cures, bones of the saints, holy waters, quackery, charlatanism, allopath, homeopath, isopath, osteopath, electric, botanic, magnetic, Christian Science, mind cure, divine healing and what not.” As late as 1907 Americans knew little of psychotherapy. The word itself was virtually nowhere to be found in either professional or popular literature. Talking cures were not talked about. Despite growing medical and cultural awareness of mental suffering, few physicians made any effort to treat such states by appealing to mind. Indeed, for more than three decades, American physicians--particularly those who specialized in the treatment of nervous and mental disorders--had scoffed at anything even remotely resembling mental therapeutics. By 1910 this situation changed dramatically. Whereas decades of vigorous internal professional debates had failed to generate a consensus among American physicians and academic psychologists regarding the scientific legitimacy and clinical efficacy of mental therapeuitcs, in two short years the Emmanuel Church Healing Movement had forced both physicians and psychologists to confront squarely and publicly a subject that they had long avoided. Lasting from 1906 to 1910, this popular movement was the primary agent responsibile for the efflorescence of psychotherapy in the United States.


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Lessons in Spiritual Healing - T Parker Boyd