The human race can not find two characters alike ; likewise, in the signs of Cheirosophy (Palmistry) no two hands have been found where the lines, mounts, and fingers are the same; thus, in no part of the body can be found such a book of revelations as in the hand. It is perfectly constructed, and so thoroughly marked that the ideas with which at birth the subject was endowed, the development, also the lack of cultivating the talents, are distinctly imprinted upon different portions of the hand. can tell of what value the dog is. If the science of Cheirosophy could be thoroughly understood and appreciated by those governing children, more places of trust would be filled by those competent to perform the duties of the office. Today men and women are struggling in fields which they never should have entered ; thus the consequences, their nature revolts. A child, by shape of hand, combined with physiognomy, shows distinct talent for art, music, literature, or to other line ; yet parents, in many cases, educate them for different avocations.


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Lessons In Palmistry, Studies of the Eye and Planetary Influences - C Ten Eyck G