Mystery magic, and manitoes abound in the land of Hiawatha, in the land of the Ojibwas, among the green islands, graceful and beautiful, lying amidst the dancing blue waters when the sunshines over Gitche Gomee, the Great Water. Manitoes, great and mighty, lived in the cool depths of the mighty forests, in the rivers and lakes, and even in the snows of winter. And adventures there were in those early days amongst these .'islands' of' the North, when manitoes directed the affairs of men. But the animal fathers lived upon the earth before there came the " two-legged walkers." There were many animals. There were many beavers. It was the beavers who made Gitchee Gomee, the Great Water. They made it by building two dams. The first they built at the Grand Sault, and the second was five leaguesbelow. When Great Hare came up the river, he said, " This must not be so." Therefore he stepped upon the first dam. But he was in haste. He did not break it.


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Legends of the Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes - K Berry Judson 1914