In giving this small contribution to the Masonic public it is necessary only to offer a few words of explanatory remark. These Lectures are translated from the published works of Jacques Etienne Marconis, a volumnious writer of whom any Society may well be proud; much of them are, however, the production of last century and used in the old Rites. They are not, strictly speaking, a portion of the secret ceremonial of the Higher Degrees, and may therefore be offered to any Master Mason. i°. They show what is expected of the Masonic Neophyte who knocks at the door of our Temple, whether as a Master Mason, Knight Rose Croix, or Grand Inspector. 2°. They will be useful to the expert Master in Chapters, Senates and Councils, for the instruction of his members when there is no other pressing business. 3 . As many of these questions and answers have been struck out of the ceremonial in order to shorten the Ritual, they may be drawn upon by the presiding officer to test the mental capabilities of the Aspirant. Lastly, as they embrace all High Grade Masonry, they will be found a source of interest to the members of several other systems; for there is now in practice over the two hemispheres about a score of divergent Rites, all branching from the Master Mason, and which the Antient and Primitive Rite designed to fuse into one system as a Common Temple, under one Lord, the Grand Master and Maker of us all.


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Lectures of a Chapter Senate and Council - J Yarker 1882