Anyone who claims to be a sorcerer and who talks about Chaos theory and quantum mechanics reveals themselves as being not only an Occult charlatan but as possessed of an inferior intellect; as someone who, at best is akin to some urban teenager swept along by some craze and keen to be seen as “trendy” or “fashionable” or “cool” or whatever the latest buzz-word is. Or even worse, someone who desires to be seen as some sort of “thinker” and who needs (despite their protestations) the adulation of being some “Occult guru”. For such individuals just cannot think – conceptualize – past the concept of causal Time, as they obviously do not posses or have not developed those skills of our Dark Arts, especially the faculty of dark-empathy, and which particular faculty would have predisposed them toward an esoteric intuition of the true, the esoteric, nature of
sorcery, of thus of the acausal, and especially of the nature of acausal Time.***Book list in pictures


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