This two-fold division in the third and fourth century is all the more interesting because the Picts in the days of €oluniba (second half of the sixth century), nay, even in Eede's time (died 735), when they still formed an independent state, were so classified : the classification "australea Picti"  and "septentrionales Picti, transmontani Picti"  corresponds exactly to the Maiatai and Ealedonioi in the excerpts of Xiphilin. To the Roman supremacy in Britain, by this time restricting itself to a defensive policy in consequence of the other conditions of the Empire, and to the Britons, the Celtic subjects of the same, the Picts, since the days of Severus, were become a stand-Celtic subjects of the same, the Picts, since the days of Severus, were become a standing menace. This same, from the middle of the fourth century onwards waxed greater in that the Picts found allies for their incursions in the inhabitants of neighbouring Ireland. From two points of North-West Britain, from Galloway and Cantyro, in clear weather one sees the coast of North-East Ireland (Down and Antrim) distinctly. Ason his fifth campaign, Agiicola sojournedi n these regions, an Irish chieftain put in his appearaaice and sought to persuade Agricola to effect a landing in Ireland.


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