We forbear from the discussion of the six days' work, which was usual in the beginning of every other old Book of Conquests, because they are related better in the Holy Scripture, and because it is more right for divines to treat of them and not for other men ; who may have enough to treat of and to write without it. However, it appertains to us to speak of the ages of the world, from the creation of Adam ; as our own old men of letters have written in their old books, in the path of the Seventy-two, and of the notable and learned men of letters of the Church, who follow their lead in enumeration of the ages; for though there is variety and difference of setting forth in the enumera tion of the same ages among many men of letters, it is the Seventy-two, with those that follow them in their estimate and calculation, that the ancient men of letters of the Irish have followed the most, one after the other.


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Leabhar Gabhála - The Book of Conquests of Ireland - M Ó Cléirigh 1916