We often notice the big differences between groups, but I believe that it’s the smaller details that bring a group to life. Over the thirty or so years, the Reform has come up with its own peculiar laws, rainments, ritual accessories, favorite books, titles, vocabulary, at least two sets of calenders, holiday customs, symbols and other traits. These are often the most difficult aspects for newcomers to learn and are often the first details that are forever lost when a group goes into abeyance. This is but a limited collection, but some of the more widespread and longevous traits of the Reform. Perhaps this is good, because they are only a sideline to the real search for religious truth. Do not get overly worked up over them, since most of us don’t consider them very vital to the pursuit of Druidism, perhaps more of a decoratory function. If you can come up with a better way of running your Druidism, feel free to forge ahead, rename things and so on. Just remember that you and I can speak for nobody’s opinions, and actions but our own.


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Laws, Trivia and Calendars - A Reformed Druid Anthology