Parsifal, Percival, Galahad, are legend words in our Northern mythology, representing to us a spiritual hero. The legends regarding each of them, or regarding the personality, sometimes called by either name, used the phraseology of the Christian Church, and embodied their relation to "The Cup of Mystery men called the Graal." But that the poet should, as did Taliesin in the masque of that name, kneel in the chapel of the Graal and hear wisdom from the Graal Lord; that the poet should gaze into the diamond crystal sphere, upheld by Uriel in the blazeof the Graal light, behind the golden gates and the chanting angels, to see the truth, and then, in the office of seer, tell it through his poet's art, waited for the end of the nineteenth century and Richard Hovey's pen.


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Lancelot & Guenevere The Holy Graal