Even the rawest recruit can use a little sorcery in her everyday life. How to cope with ten extra pounds, an indifferent man, three children down with colds? These are the sorts of "demons" that plague us all; they're also the problems most susceptible to a beginner's magic. (And they don't require exotic witchy tools like toad's eyes.) Many people think that all witchcraft is black magic. It's not. Black magic is worked for an evil purpose and is directed at an innocent person. It's not only unsavory but dangerous; often black magicians are overcome by the evil they call up and they rarely enjoy the fruits of their power for long. The magic in this book is white. Generally, this means that it's worked for a good end. Some mischief making spells are given, but they are never directed at innocent people. Sorcery is as old as mankind. In every age, some people have believed in it; others have called it superstition. You alone can determine if witchcraft works for you. This source of White Magic can give no guarantees except one. Your spells can't work unless you have faith in them. Witchcraft is not based in one belief system, but focuses on the practical application of the Craft; there are witches who are not Wiccan, for instance, believers in Voodoo. The Craft is about training your mind and being to be focused and takes a great deal of effort and perseverance, eventually enabling you to use your will and power to materialize change for good. It may also include learning herb craft and other healing skills dependent on your tradition and inclination.


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Lady Ishtar's Guide to Wicca Protection Spells