The greatest development is that the entire system seems to have been anciently regarded as one resting in nature, and one which was adopted by nature, or God, as the basis or law of the exertion practically of creative power—i. e., it was the creative design, of which creation was practically the application. This seems to be established by the fact that, under the system set forth, measures of planetary times serve coordinately as measures of the size of planets, and of the peculiarity of their shapes—i. e., in the extension of their equatorial and polar diameters, in terms of the British measures, or the cubit measures arising, as stated, from the forms of Mr. Parker. The true study of the Deity by man being in the observation of His works, the discovery of a fundamental creative law (in numbers and measures), as regards His works, of as wide and comprehensive grasp as shown, would locate the substance of such a discovery as the practical real tangible link between God and man, as that by which man can in a measure realize the actually existing working qualities of God, just, speaking most reverentially, as he would those of a fellow-man—as, say, of a mason, or of a carpenter ; thus revealing tangible existence, likeness, relationship, and, remotely, companionship.


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Key to the Hebrew-Egyptian Mystery - K Ralston Skinner 1875