The hand is the servant of the brain, and faithfully executes every faculty of the. mind in the works of art and skill, in the gathering of knowledge; the brain sends its thought currents down constantly, each nerve current leav- ing some trace of its passage, however small. These currents are necessarily charged with moulding and directing forces of thought, feeling and will. This vital connection with the brain determines the development of the hand and renders each portion significant of some mental faculty, or of its modes of action. The hand for that reason corresponds with that of the head. A beautiful and well-formed hand indicates a well-balanced head and character. Broad hands go with a broad character, narrow hands with a narrow head, yet, if long, indicate insight and depth. Large hands belong to people who do the real work of life and the world; they do not shrink from carrying out the plans of their owner; they take hold and do things without gloves.


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Key To Palmistry - L Williams 1902