The cult of Chaos conjoined with Babalon. It is worth pointing out exactly how the 156 correspondence is derived. I originally changed chaos to kaos in 1987 as a result of channelled information rather than Hebrew gematria, although it is indeed corroborated by the change of the Hebrew letter Chethto Kaph. It is interesting to note the end of Crowley’s skrying of the 3rd Æthyr in The Vision and the Voice: “...chaos, that is the four-fold word that is equal to her seven-fold word”. In Hebrew Chaos rendered as a four-fold word is sw(k. Remembering that Hebrew is written right to left, k (Kaph) = 20, ( (Ayin) = 70, w (Vau) = 6, s (Samech) =60. Total 156. The seven-fold word is of course babalon. The origin of the spelling babalon (as opposed to the Biblical Babylon) is dealt with in detail further on. In Hebrew babalon is }(l)b)b. This breaks down as follows: b (Beth) = 2, ) (Aleph) = 1, b = 2, ) = 1, l (Lamed) = 30, ( (Ayin) = 70, } (Nun) = 50. Total 156 (Nun final, though shown in the Hebrew type, is not used in the gematria, but rather given the same value of 50 that it has when appearing inthe middle of a word, when Nun is written n). Note that w (Vau) is used for “O” in Chaos (as it is in Crowley’s 333 spelling of Choronzon), but ( (Ayin)is used for “O” in Babalon, and that Ayin is usedfor “A” in Chaos but Aleph is used in Babalon.


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Kaos - edited by Joel Biraco