The Hermetic System of Philosophy may be defined as the Wisdom concerning God, the Universe and Man.The Path of Knowledge in the Light of Inward Illumination has for its goal the Realization of the Absolute Truth. Philosophy provides the foundation, the very pathway itself, upon which the Aspirant must establish himself. It is the High Ground from which he may the more clearly perceive, recognize, distinguish, unify and correlate aspects of Truth. Symbology unfolds on all sides a perpetual panorama, the inner significance of which is more and more revealed to the Aspirant in the light of Philosophy. He glimpses Beauty as well as Truth, Harmony as well as Unity. Mythology awakens his Intuitive Faculties, bringing them also into the quest for the True; calling him to the unsuspected heights and the wondrous profundities of the Divine Mysteries. And lastly, Hermetic Science and Art lead the Aspirant to the portals of Mystical Participation through which the Below is to be transmuted into the Above.

Jnana Marga No. 3 - Hermetic Truth Society