The daily press lives in its own manner from day to day on "events." A development that goes on slowly and quietly escapes notice easily, but if a sudden and fortuitous occurrence brings matters to the surface, then the events become all at once ' ' events ' ' and remain so until something else more "eventful " suppresses them. So it has happened that our newspapers had taken small notice of the quiet but greatly growing science of Assyriology, in much the same way as they to their disgrace be it said have studied to ignore scientific theology in general (albeit that there are a few noteworthy exceptions, particularly of late). Whatever can be read in the daily papers onsuch things (and especially on Old Testament subjects) is usually of the smallest scientific value. And this is not excused by the fact that many educated persons, including those of the highest circles aye, even many University teachers (as is evident from time to time) men with whom we teach from day to day and from room to room that even such as these know nothing of the existence of an earnest scientific theology; have no conceptions of the method of our work, and are ignorant of the results of that work despite all our endeavors to popularize them.


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Israel and Babylon - Herman Gunker