In my recent sojourn in Bombay I chanced to visit some of the tombs of the Muslim saints ; and among the pilgrims there, representing as they did almost all the creeds and classes in Bombay, I saw a large number of Parsees. The Parsees, as a community, have always appeared to me as a class of decent people, with beautiful ideals of life before them. Their humble and reverent attitude toward the Muslim denizens of the tombs, the spirit of homage which characterized their deport- ment, induced me to renew my study of the Zoroastrian faith — the religion of the so-called Fire worshippers, who, monotheist as they claim to be — and they could not be otherwise in the judgment of anyone who studies their philosophy and ethics, with the analytic and synthetic eye — could not but pay homage to, and worship, fire — the true and, as they believe, the most perfect manifestation of the Creator, the most living of the four elements, that with “ its coalescing tendency,” “ soars up,” and “ purifies all that it touches.”


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Islam and Zoroastrianism - The Kwhwaja Kamal-Ul-Din 1925