Whatever their form or conception, in the past there has lain in them some vaguely religious thought such as that of ancestral spirits, or of the Earth Mother and her retinue, or of the personal mana embodied either in the strong man of the crisis or in the son of a divine house, or of the incarnate deity worshiped in the person of the ruler, or finally of the medieval king who still was held to be God s lieutenant. But Dr. Bussell notes with foreboding that he can find not one religious idea surviving in the body politic today, which idea is an effective element or Custom consequently must be distinguished from morality. Religion he defined thus - All ideas and feelings are religious which refer to an ideal existence. In order to determine the ethical value of religion Wundt found it necessary in his one hundred pages to examine the religion and morals of peoples both civilized and uncivilized, both ancient and modern. A complete presentation was naturally impossible, and he contented himself with stating the results of his study accompanied by such selections from the innumerable data as were consonant with these results. The following summary contains his main conclusions.


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Iroquois Religion and Its Relation to Their Morals - M Wolf 1919