Containing biographical sketches of more than 1500 distinguised Irish Celts with chronological index. The records of most people are embraced within a national aspect, and they have affected the world's history and their own destiny mainly in their aggregate capacity; but the history of this race, the lives of a few of whose children this work records, is an exception. It is in the lives of her children, scattered throughout the entire earth either by zeal or necessity, for a thousand years, more, perhaps, than in the history of its island home, that we must seek the glory and the achievements of a gallant race; the most maligned, misunderstood and robbed, as to credit and character, of any that history records. It has not only been the misfortune or destiny of this race to be robbed in every conceivable way and then slandered and oppressed by the robber at home, and this resulting not from any want of valor, ability or manly spirit to defend their own, but only circumvented by treachery, deceit, perjury and fraud; but when away from home, carving out by unequaled valor and matchless ability, a new destiny, and creating new nations, still robbed as a race, of the credit and name of the work of their hands.


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Irish Celts A Cyclopedia of Race History