In the present-day recension of the Sabbatic Craft Tradition there are a number of deities and spirits who are honoured and adored as patrons of Our Arte. Amongst these is the circle of the eight Witch-fathers and eight Witch-mothers, who collectively are revered as the “Retinue of the Faithful
Gods”. The sixteen Lords and Ladies of the Faithful Retinue are envisaged as the Wardens of the Cardinal and Sub-cardinal directions of the circle or “blood-acre”. At each “gate” of the blood-acre, a pair of the retinue preside as the Ancestral Patrons of the Mysteries, Teachings and Times ascribed to that portal. Thus, with the outward turning of time and the inward seasons of wisdom, each pair of the retinue comes to reign as the Master and Mistress of the circle. Furthermore, each of the sixteen deities is considered in its own right as the custodian of specific ritual instruments and aspects of ritual practice. Whilst the retinue constitute a pantheon in their own right, it is in keeping with the customs of Our Nameless Faith and the Mystery of the Iconostasis, that our deities are often syncretised with the saints and deities of the so-called ‘morta