The Seneca {=Place of the Stone) are a noted and influential tribe of the Iroquois, or the so-called Five Nations of New York. When first known they occupied a region in central New York, lying between the western watershed of the Genesee and the lands of the Cayuga about Seneca lake, having their council fire at Tsonoutowan, near Naples, in Ontario co. After the political destruction of the Erie and Neuters, aliout the middle of the 17th century, the Seneca and other Iroquois people carried their settlements westward to L. Erie and southward along the Alleghany into Pennsylvania. They are now settled chiefly on the Allegany. Cattaraugus, and Tonawanda res., N. Y., and some live on Grand River res., Ontario. Various local bands have been known as Buffalo, Tonawanda, and Cornphinter Indians; and the Mingo, formerly in Ohio, have become offcially known as Seneca from the large number of that tribe among them.


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Introduction to Seneca Fiction Legends and Myths - J Curtin - J N B Hewitt 1919