1. It introduces in English Literature Esoteric Hindu Astrology.
2. Latent potentials of each individual are revealed in it astrologically
and orientations neededto overcome personal difficulties indicated
in every case.
3. Basic principles of astrology are discuused in a way that even lay
readersenjoy reading it while deeper students find in it much to
ponder over.
4. Astrological grandeur of sacred scriptures are presented from a new
5. The mysteries of symbols are unveiled and deeper insight in
astrological predictions basedon them made possible.
6. The book suggestsa synthesis between predictive astrology,
remedial measuresand yogic discipline suited to every individual.
7. Even abstrusesubjects like Ascendants, Planets and Nakshatras are
discussedin a non-technical language which even a beginner can


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Introduction to Hindu Esoteric Astrology - Behari