A strong desire to go home is expressed, even when the patient is at home. He or she may start speaking of needing to “catch the train,” “catch the bus,” or “fly home.” These phrases are metaphors for the final and most sacred journey to heaven. The patient may reach upward as if attempting to feel the intangible. Many patients describe this reaching as an attempt to hold hands with their deceased loved one’s or caress an “angel’s wings.” At this point, the spiritual beings are summoning the patient to walk towards them and into the light. In the last days of life, the terminally ill retreat within themselves as a way of preparing to release their soul. They tend to relive events in the distant past with varying feelings and often need help in obtaining closure. This is important to the timely release of the soul. During this time, the patient may stare intently at corners in the room, or have brief conversations with unseen spirits of deceased family members or brilliantly lit angelic beings. It is these spiritual beings that bring comfort and peace, and aid the patient in resolving unsettled emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual issues, with the ultimate goal of a peaceful transition to the afterlife. One may be quick to judge and openly discuss the patient’s hallucinatory and delirious behavior, not realizing that these negative assertions dissuade the patient from openly discussing his or her spiritual experiences (which, ironically, only ends up prolonging the
patient’s suffering). To foster peace, family or friends should attempt at creating a secure and loving environment, free of criticism. This action allows the patient to describe his or her comforting visions as well as redemptive experiences, with the ultimate effect being the liberation of their emotional, inter-personal, and spiritual pain.


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