The spells of Instant Magick are not your typical pagan or ceremonial spells. They don’t involved complicated rituals. They don’t involve altars and magickal tools. You don’t need candles, special ingredients or exotic symbols. I love those spells, and have used them before, and will use them again, but there are many times in life you need to tap into your energetic awareness and create change. You can’t always get to your altar, and many times, you need magick in your car, at work or on the run. The spells here are accessible at any time, through meditation, visualization, words and intent. Many practitioners gain a greater awareness of energy as they practice traditional magick, and learn to adapt their will-working techniques to many different traditions. They do magickal working similar to Instant Magick, yet most only teach and talk about specific traditional spells with traditional recipes. You don’t have to be involved in traditional magick to use this book, but it doesn’t hurt. It is for beginners, but can show new methods to the experienced practitioner. An understanding of magick helps the study of any technique. You don’t have to come from a specific belief system such as modern paganism, witchcraft or ceremonial magick, though we’ll be using elements from those traditions.


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Instant Magick Ancient Wisdom, Modern Spellcraft - Christopher Penczak