As such, Insight Tarot, is suitable as a teach yourself guide, a group study workbook, or a formal manual for workshops and courses.  Uncover the hidden insight of the Tarot. Written by a world renowned expert, Insight Tarot is suitable for readers of all levels. Dawn Rothwell combines the esoteric wisdom and history of Tarot with in-depth, detailed exercises designed to propel you further on your spiritual journey. Based on over twenty years of professional experience, Insight Tarot reveals lesser known methods of interpretation not readily available in print. Now anyone, anywhere can learn the methods of performing detailed, accurate readings like a Master while remaining in the comfort of home. This highly acclaimed course concludes with your very own graduation certificate to show your proficiency. Which ever path you take, you will find INSIGHT TAROT will be helpful every step of the way. Enjoy!


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Insight Tarot - Dawn Rothwell