With a rather vague plan to investigate manifestations of “cultural inclusion” at Varanasi and trace elements that could possibly be relevant to local conceptions and attitudes toward a Sikh identity, I made the first acquaintance with the gurdwaras in the city and began to conduct interviews with Sikh families. One sunny afternoon in the middle of the work, however, the manager of the gurdwara invited me to his office. He requested me to take a seat and share a cup of tea. After a silent moment, he asked what I really wanted to know about the Sikh religion. I tried my best to explain the interest in a Sikh identity, and especially the relationship between the Hindu and Sikh traditions, but noticed that my words did not fall into good grounds. The manager explained the interrelation between the two traditions as a matter of course, since the Sikhs were Hindus from the beginning. Within a few minutes he had in fact judged the problem of my study as irrelevant. When our tea was finished he pointed a finger towards the nearby gurdwara hall and said: “Why don’t you look at the things we actually do?”


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Inside the Guru's Gate - Kristina Myrvold