My life-changing event was my discovery of personal power and responsibiliry. It was about finding the sacred within myself, my centel, my peaceful core. We each have a sacred space within us, a part of us. This sacred space is a temple, a temple to turn inner power, our intuition, and our connection with the divine. Discovery of psychi powers, spells, and meditation are all things that lead us to the temple. They help us to find the road within and walk our path to the inner temple. For me, witchcraft is the building of sacred space, in myself, my life, and my environment; I decided to make that the focus of the class. I wanted to help others find their own sacred space, their own inner temple. The information and exercises would wind up to that experience. I owe a great deal of thanks to all my teachers for giving me the tools necessary to do this work. I am also thankful for those first friends and students who set me on this Path.


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Inner Temple of Witchcraft - Christopher Penczak