A clear guide to human personal self-improvement. Includes: The Astral Centers (Chakras); The Constitution of the Etheric Body; Dream-Life; The Three States of Consciousness; The Disassociation of the Human Personality During Initiation; The First Guardian of the Threshold; The Second Guardian of the Threshold-Life and Death.  To save disappointment to some readers into whose hands this book may chance to fall, let me frankly state at the outset that neither this nor its companion volumes are intended for people who deny the possibility of attaining knowledge by other means than their physical organs of sense; the belief in, or at least the hypothetical acceptance of the reality of the unseen world and of forces not perceptible by our physical senses is therein taken for granted. For those unable to accept these premises there exists a vast amount of litera ture which, if approached with an unprejudiced mind and carefully studied, will convince them of all that is here postulated. On the other hand, there is a large number of people, deeply interested in the subject, who were under the impression that there is only the one occultism whose home is in the East, and who now eagerly welcome a teaching, sprung from a Western source, which shows them that they need not go beyond Eu rope in their search either for genuine occult knowledge, or for teachers competent to in struct those willing to fulfill the conditions necessary for the safe treading of the narrow Path leading up to the feet of the One Initiator.



Initiation and Its Results - Rudolph Steiner