Incense is an amazing experience. Seems like a strange way to think of incense, doesn’t it? We most often think of incense as an object that can be held in our hands, but incense can’t really be enjoyed in your hands. In order for incense to release its gift of scent, it requires not only the physical incense but also the ephemeral power of fire. The pleasure of incense requires both of those elements plus someone to experience the resulting scent. So perhaps incense isn’t merely an object or an item; it’s actually a process—an experience. Incense is as ancient as the use of fire. It has long been a part of human culture and should never be seen as insignificant or secondary. It ties us to our ancestors andto the Earth herself. Properly used, incense truly is a joy.


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Incense Magick - Create Inspiring Aromatic Experiences for Your Craft