To gain a full understanding of all the factors involved in incense making, you should read this entire book. But some people are anxious to "get their hands dirty," so here's a shortcut. Skim the rest of this chapter for a general introduction to incense. You should also skim over chapter 1, paying particular attention to the different forms of incense, and chapter 5 to see the basic tools you might like to use. Then carefully read chapter 6, and by the time you reach the end, you'll have made your first batch of incense! Once you've used a few recipes from this book, you should go back and read the rest of the book to further expand your knowledge. As practitioners of ritual magick know, incense can make a tremendous difference to the entire magickal process. Incense is used to cleanse and create sacred space, as an offer­ing both on and off the altar, a way to create a magickal atmosphere, and a way to help the practitioner achieve specific mental states. The effects of incense can have a deep impact on both major rituals and minor magick.


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Incense - Crafting and Use of Magickal Scents - Carl F Neal