Presented in what Amber Wolfe calls "cookbook shamanism," In the Shadow of the Shaman shares recipes, ingredients, and methods of preparation for experiencing some very ancient wisdoms-wisdoms of Native American and Wiccan traditions, as well as contributions from other philosophies of Nature, as they are used in the shamanlc way. Ms. Wolfe encourages us to feel confident and free to use her methods to cook up something new, completely on our own. This blending of ancient formulas and personal methods represents what Ms. Wolfe calls "Aquarian shamanism." In the Shadow of the Shaman is designed to communicate wisdom and information in the most practical, direct ways possible, so that the wisdom and the energy may be shared for the benefit of all. Whatever your system or tradition, you will find In the Shadow of the Shaman a valuable book, a resource, a friend, a gentle guide and support on your journey. Dancing in the shadow of the shaman, you will find new dimensions of Spirit.


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In the Shadow of the Shaman