Immortality, and Our Employments Hereafter With a 100 Spirits Good and Evil, Say of Their Dwelling Place - JM Peebles - Give us the details —details and accurate delineations of life in the Spirit World! —is the constant appeal of thoughtful minds. Death is approaching. Whither —oh, whither! Shall I know my friends beyond the tomb? Will they know me? What is their present condition, and what their occupations? Too long, perhaps, have we listened to generalities and vague imaginations touching that so-called shadowy realm of existence whither we are hastening. When a traveler starts out for some distant country, it is not enough for him to know that he must cross some stormy ocean, but he asks, " What is the distance to those foreign countries? What is the character of the climate? What modes of living distinguish the inhabitants, and what preparation will I need to make for comfort and success in that far-away country? If this be true of the earthly traveler, how much more important are inquiries and a right understanding relative to the journey across the River of Death.


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Immortality, and Our Employments Hereafter With a 100 Spirits Good and Evil