This book has been prepared to interest the public in the science of Palmistry, and convince its readers that there is much more than is generally supposed by the average person in the outline of the   hand and in the lines and markings of the palm. The doubter has but to inform himself slightly respecting this great science, and examine the hands of his friends, to be agreeably surprised at what even hewith alittle studycan see. A casua lexamination of its pages will convince the reader that there is a real basis for Palmistry; a careful reading will interest him to learn more. I do not assume, like some self-imposed interpreters of this science, better described as"fortune-tellers," that Ihave discovered everything possible on this subject. I have not. The subject of Palmistry is from three to four thousand years old, according to authentic data. I have taken possession of these finds, or proofs, which have been handed down bygeneration after generation of celebrities.


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Illustrated Palmistry - the Science of the Hand - its Lines - E J LaSeer 1904