This book was originally published in 1920. To reprint it now verbatim, except for an occasional correction of a misprint, calls for an explanation. The explanation is quite simple. No book published in the past forty years has replaced this one or come near replacing it. Regardless of date of publication, this one remains the best encyclopaedia available. It was written and published under extraordinary circumstances which have not repeated themselves. Its publisher was the London house of George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., whose leading figures had a profound interest in occult and metaphysical subjects. Their editor in this field was the late Arthur Edward Waite, himself one of the greatest scholars who ever turned to these subjects. The author, Lewis Spence, if less profound and knowledgeable than his editor, had the good fortune to be a much better writer and popularizer, with a knack for summarizing with admirable conciseness the deeper work of others. Ironically enough, there is a very great deal of A. E. Waite in these pages (properly credited) and it may well be that (except for The Pictorial Key To The Tarot), Waite will be remembered by posterity primarily through these pages. Here are 2500 detailed entries, many of which run to several pages. The best way to enjoy themis to make up a short list of those occult and metaphysical words which come immediately to your mind, which you know something about but not precisely enough to be sure that you know what you are talking about, look them up and see how what you do know falls into place now.


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Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Occultism - 2500 Illustrations