The YiJing (or I Ching, when using the Wade-Giles romanization system) is a book from the Chinese Bronze Age (about 1000 BC) and as many other ancient texts, it was written by a process of aggregation of material from different periods and authors. By the time of the Han dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD) it became something similar to the text we know today as the “Classic of Changes” or “Book of Changes” (易经). Of course, the interpretation of the text has changed over time, but the ordering of the material has remained unchanged since the Han Dynasty to the present. The Classic of Changes is composed of 64 short chapters, composed of several elements and 10 appendixes, known as “The Ten Wings”. The parts of each chapter (commonly called hexagrams) are:

• A graphic symbol (卦 Gua), which is a drawing composed of six parallel lines, some filled and other broken. Example: G.

• A text that explains the meaning of the hexagram and whose first one or two characters give it its name (卦辞 GuaCi), commonly called “The Judgment”.
• Short texts attached to each of the six lines (爻辞 YaoCi), except for the hexagrams 1 and 2 that have seven texts.
• Several texts, from the Ten Wings: The Image (DaXiang), the Tuan Commentary, etc.


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