The word hypnotism embraces a number of various conditions of the nervous system, which can be produced in different ways. We recognize phases of the greatest variety, from a slight heaviness in the limbs, the most superficial somnolence enabling the hypnotized subject to hear and perceive the least noise, to the deepest sleep, from which the greatest disturbances cannot awake him, and wherein every sensation disappears and permits the most serious surgical operation without pain, a condition, in fact, of which Ovid's words, " gelidce mortis imago," are an appropriate illustration. The majority of people, it seems, can be brought into any of these conditions. According to Libeault's experience during 1880, only twenty-seven remained unaffected out of a thousand and eleven, and of three thousand one hundred and forty-eight persons that I have hypnotized since January, 1887, but ninety-seven failed to respond to my suggestions.


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Hypnotism and its Application to Practical Medicine - OG Wetterstrand, MD